The allure of owning a timeshare can be powerful. The idea of a vacation property waiting for you in your favorite destination is understandably appealing. However, the reality of timeshare ownership often doesn’t live up to the fantasy, leading many people to consider cancellation. But does timeshare cancellation provide the relief sought by disgruntled owners, or does it merely introduce new problems? This comprehensive guide will delve into this question, offering insights and considerations for those contemplating timeshare cancellation.

The Challenges of Timeshare Ownership

Before considering cancellation, it’s essential to understand the issues that often lead timeshare owners to this point.

Financial Burden

Timeshares are not simply a one-time purchase. They come with ongoing maintenance fees that tend to rise annually. Plus, there may be special assessment fees for unexpected repairs or improvements. These costs can become a significant financial burden over time.

Lack of Flexibility

Despite the lure of a guaranteed vacation spot, the lack of flexibility can be a major drawback. You’re typically limited to specific dates and locations, making spontaneous travel difficult.

The Appeal of Timeshare Cancellation

Given the challenges associated with timeshare ownership, cancellation can seem like an attractive solution. But what does it truly offer?

Financial Relief

By cancelling a timeshare contract, owners can potentially free themselves from the ongoing financial obligations associated with their timeshare.

Increased Travel Flexibility

Without a timeshare contract, former owners have the freedom to travel when and where they want, without being bound by predetermined dates or locations.

The Potential Problems with Timeshare Cancellation

While timeshare cancellation may seem like the perfect solution, it can also introduce new problems that owners should consider.

Timeshare Cancellation Scams

Unfortunately, the timeshare cancellation industry has been riddled with scams. Unscrupulous companies often promise easy cancellation and even money back, only to leave owners out of pocket and still tied to their timeshare.

Damage to Credit Score

If not handled correctly, timeshare cancellation can negatively impact your credit score. This can happen if you stop making payments before the cancellation is finalized, leading to a default on your account.

Navigating Timeshare Cancellation Successfully

Despite the potential pitfalls, it is possible to navigate timeshare cancellation successfully, provided you approach it cautiously and knowledgeably.

Research Thoroughly

Before proceeding with cancellation, research thoroughly. Understand your contract, know your legal rights, and investigate any companies you consider engaging to help with the process.

Consult a Lawyer

Given the potential legal complexities, consulting with a lawyer experienced in timeshare cancellations can be beneficial. They can guide you through the process and help you avoid potential pitfalls.


So, is timeshare cancellation a solution or a new problem? The answer is – it can be both. While cancellation can provide financial relief and increased travel flexibility, it can also introduce potential issues such as scams and damage to your credit score. However, with thorough research, understanding your contract, and potentially seeking legal advice, you can navigate the timeshare cancellation process successfully. Ultimately, whether timeshare cancellation is a solution or a new problem will greatly depend on how you approach it.